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You have nothing without trust - 123dev #56

You have nothing without trust - 123dev #56
By Justin Garrison • Issue #56 • View online
Trustless isn’t all it’s made out to be

A kid trying to hide cookies
A kid trying to hide cookies
Earned trust
In any job you have to have trust. You can’t pinpoint a moment when you trust someone, but it’s easy to identify a moment when trust is broken. In a world of remote work without casual interactions with co-workers it can be very difficult to [re]build broken trust.
If you wanted to get in shape you can’t go to the gym once for 9 hours. You would end up sore and in no better shape than when you started. But if you worked out consistently, every day, for 30 minutes you’d eventually get in shape.
You can’t just do one trustworthy thing to have trust restored. It takes consistency and time.
Additional content
I try really hard to make this newsletter valuable to you. I don’t use it to push my content because I assume many of you may already follow my Twitter or YouTube.
I had a great time in a couple Twitter Spaces this week about “dating” jobs and sharing how to tell better stories. If you’re interested in this content I recommend you follow me on Twitter, but if you’re not interested that’s completely fine too. I hope I have earned your trust enough so you know I’ll only bring in content I think will be valuable to your engineering skills and career.
This was a very in-depth write up about the Roblox outage from last year. Two things stood out to me. First is that they’re running 170,000 containers. That’s a ton of containers! It doesn’t say if that’s spread across environments or only in production, but it’s still a significant size.
Second, they couldn’t trust their monitoring during this outage. They had a reciprocal dependency on Consul that made it much more difficult to troubleshoot and find a cause for the outage.
Roblox Return to Service 10/28-10/31 2021 - Roblox Blog
When your developing a web service you need to be able to test it. Opening it on localhost is typically enough, but sometimes you need a way to make sure secure/HTTPS traffic is also working. This repo provides a free, wildcard * certificate you can use for a trusted local connection.
I’ve been using Revue for this newsletter which works well, but it’s not as flexible as my previous service. I really wanted a way to send articles from my phone to the Revue saved articles, but there’s no documented way to do it. I knew there might be clues in the extension because it is trusted code I could use to find what I needed.
Reverse engineering a chrome extension
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