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Refreshing - 123dev #81

Refreshing - 123dev #81
By Justin Garrison • Issue #81 • View online
Sometimes you need to trim the excess

A dog gets a haircut
A dog gets a haircut
Our vision can be clouded by too many things. A little trim to get rid of the things you don’t need can give you a whole new look. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is saying no to a great opportunity. Having a clear goal is the first step to knowing what you need to cut out of your life.
The best way I have found to do that is to take a break. Take time away from your daily work to focus on your yearly objectives. It’s a lot easier to know what to remove once you know what needs to stay.
Too much
I tried to stay away from news this week, but still saw more than enough to make me sad. Bombings in Ukraine, more human rights being removed, and so many other things that it’s impossible for people to remain angry and still function. You have to focus to be effective in driving change too.
Just because you focus on one bad thing doesn’t mean the others are not bad, but we all have limits. Make sure you are aware of our own limits and do your best to make a positive difference.
This week I’ve been hanging out with family, playing video games, and thinking about the next 3-6 months of what I want to learn. It reminded me of these tools to interact with Kubernetes with video games.
There’s no real practical reason to use them, but I still think they’re fun so here they are. The first one puts Kubernetes namespaces, deployments, ReplicasSets, and pods in minecraft.
GitHub - erjadi/kubecraftadmin
A retro way to introduce chaos into your Kubernetes cluster.
GitHub - lucky-sideburn/KubeInvaders: Gamified Chaos Engineering Tool for Kubernetes
Finally, I know how to get rid of zombie processes.
GitHub - storax/kubedoom: Kill Kubernetes pods by playing Id's DOOM!
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