Networking - 123dev #89



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Networking - 123dev #89
By Justin Garrison • Issue #89 • View online
What network do they use in Middle Earth? Tolkien ring

Tumble weeds migrate across a field
Tumble weeds migrate across a field
The importance of community
Two weeks ago my dad passed out and was brought to the hospital. He had internal bleeding and when I got the message they didn’t know what was wrong. All they knew was he had lost a lot of blood.
By the time I got to the hospital they had a better idea that it was likely an ulcer caused by ibuprofen. There was still a lot of uncertainty, but it turned out to be correct and he got the medicine and blood transfusion he needed and is doing much better.
The doctors and nurses saved his life. My family and community of coworkers and friends enabled me to drop everything and be with him. I hope you have a similar network of support to help you focus on the important things when the time comes.
Ukrainian government expressed interest in negotiating a peace with Russia to end the war. They also implied it is impossible to negotiate with someone who who cannot be truthful—or even admit to invading foreign soil.
The coming winter is going to be difficult even without an ongoing war. Now is the time to find a community that can support you and you can support in the coming year.
A nice tool that gives most of the important information from dig in an easier to read output.
GitHub - natesales/q: A tiny command line DNS client with support for UDP, TCP, DoT, DoH, DoQ and ODoH.
I’m going to have to read this one a few more times before I understand any of it. This last time I read it I learned why ipv6 doesn’t have/use ARP.
Hello IPv6: a minimal tutorial for IPv4 users
I really good write up about an incident at Datadog and how they tracked it down. It’s full of unexpected places to find what seems like “normal” connection errors. Good for them for also putting in all of their false assumptions about what was causing the problems.
It's Always DNS . . . Except When It's Not: A Deep Dive Through GRPC, Kubernetes, and AWS Networking | Datadog
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