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Memories - 123dev #74

Memories - 123dev #74
By Justin Garrison • Issue #74 • View online
We are them

A squirrel tastes almonds and remembers their childhood.
A squirrel tastes almonds and remembers their childhood.
From memory
My dad loves puzzles. He would do them when I was a kid, but he had a rule I’ve never heard of before. I’m not sure where or when he created the rule, but he was very strict about it for himself even though he never forced it on us.
He would study the picture intently before opening the box, but once the box was opened he would not look at the picture again. He would do the puzzle from memory.
To this day I don’t know why he did it this way. Maybe he wanted more of a challenge. Maybe he wanted to show off, or it was his version of a brain game.
No matter what his motive was, ever since I was a kid I always thought looking at the puzzle picture was a form of cheating. But I do it anyway.
There has been more than 4000 deaths in Ukraine since Russia invaded. More than 4000 people that no longer have life but are now memories. Their opportunity to have an impact on the world now comes from the people who remember them.
You are still here. You still have an opportunity to make a difference in the world. Invest your time in people.
Visualizing data is hard. Humans are not good at looking at numbers and finding patterns, but we are very good at looking at lines and shapes and finding them. I’m a big fan of tools that can take data and turn them into shapes humans can more easily identify.
GitHub - AykutSarac/ 🧩 Visualize your JSON data onto graphs seamlessly.
I haven’t used this but it looked like an interesting utility and workflow to build full stack sites. I like the idea of compiling the entire website into a single binary. Probably not the best idea for large, complex sites but could be great for small, independent projects.
GitHub - livebud/bud: The Full-Stack Web Framework for Go
I’m a big fan of Amazon’s Systems Manager Session Manager. I don’t like the name but I like that it allows remote terminal connections using outgoing tunnels. This tool does something similar for SSH. You don’t need to open ports on your firewall or know the public IP address to connect to a system.
GitHub - atsign-foundation/sshnoports: ssh no ports provides ssh to a remote Linux device with out that device having any ports open
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