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Conferences - 123dev #72

Conferences - 123dev #72
By Justin Garrison • Issue #72 • View online
I was at Kubecon EU this week which is why this issue is a little late.

An animation of a binary search tree
An animation of a binary search tree
In person
I spent this week with 7,500 other people in a country I’ve never traveled to. It was amazing and stressful, but overall I’m thankful for the people I met and the conversations I had. Being face to face really does build trust so much faster than any form or remote communication I’ve used. Technology, business, and the economy require trust to scale and this week was a clear reminder for me that it is important.
Giving presentations
I have so much feedback for people giving talks at conferences I’m going to have to collect my thoughts and write a blog post. There are a lot of blog posts that already exist on the topic, but many people still do not read them.
I told someone this week “it’s not education if it’s not entertaining” and I’m not sure I fully believe that, but there’s some truth that you need to get someone’s attention to be able to teach them and the best way to do that is to entertain them.
This weeks gif comes from this site. A great resource for understanding what different algorithms do.
If you want to learn about systemd without breaking your own server this is a great resource. Not only do you get a live system to create units but they have a lot of great examples of different types you would want to understand.
An open API for disease information (including COVID 19). Really, neat if you want to do some analysis on the data yourself. I’m not a doctor but I love that this exists and wish it existed for more things.
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Justin Garrison

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