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Automation is beautiful - 123dev #71

Automation is beautiful - 123dev #71
By Justin Garrison • Issue #71 • View online

LEGO heads are manufactured on a machine
LEGO heads are manufactured on a machine
I think about tools a lot. Tools that will solve my problems. Automation that will help me do something faster. APIs I wish existed. I sometimes write down structure for a database, API objects, and CLI structure I would like to exist.
Then I come to my senses and create a crude script that pipes together a few existing tools into something that works good enough. It’s not as elegant as the one I designed and it doesn’t do everything I need, but it works and it’s good enough to save me time.
Sometime it’s best to script something and move on. Solving problems is the goal.
Coordinating people is one of the hardest parts of software engineering. It doesn’t matter if the coordination is for feature planning, a big launch, or an event. Giving everyone the context and instructions they need so everyone is successful has a lot of variables outside of your control.
Software cannot reason. Distributed systems can only act as instructed. Thankfully, people have the ability to think—even if they don’t always use that ability.
This week I’m using a link to raise awareness of Ukraine. Not only does this event look amazing and they have donations for various charities.
DevOpsDays Kyiv
It’s DevOpsDays #StandWithUkraine on May 17-18th.
Register for free to listen about #DevOps in crisis from world’s top experts (just take a look at our once-a-life-format lineup!) and donate to support #freedom in #Ukraine.

Сommunity, join us and share!
I use this bot in a GitHub action for some of my awesome list repos. It’s very handy to check links in a readme.
GitHub - dkhamsing/awesome_bot: Validate links in awesome projects
I wish I was better at CSS. I know there is a lot I don’t know, but I didn’t know these images were possible in pure CSS.
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